Extinction Rebellion Tube Protests "A Huge Own Goal", Spokesperson Admits

17 October 2019, 08:58

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion has admitted the group's protests on the tube have been "a huge own goal".

Dozens of angry commuters were filmed dragging two Extinction Rebellion campaigners off the top of a Jubilee Line train in Canning Town, east London this morning.

That has led to questions on why the climate change group targeted public transport when their aim is to save the environment.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, spokesperson Fergal McEntee admitted it was a mistake.

He said: "Public support for this isn't going to be very good.

"It highlights the fact that public transport is vital and it's an area we're not going to get any public support over."

Extinction Rebellion admitted this protest was "a huge own goal"
Extinction Rebellion admitted this protest was "a huge own goal". Picture: ITV News / LBC

When Nick asked if today's action was a huge own goal, Mr McEntee admitted: "Yes, I think so. I agree with you on that."

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