THREE HOURS? Ferrari Fumes At Police's Slow Reaction To Heathrow Protest

22 February 2017, 07:53 | Updated: 22 February 2017, 10:07

Nick Ferrari fuming

This is Nick Ferrari's brilliant tirade at police for taking THREE HOURS just to remove a protesters' car blocking the Heathrow Tunnel.

Protesters blocked the inbound tunnel to Heathrow Airport yesterday in a demonstration against a third runway.

But three hours later, the protesters were still there and blocking traffic. And Nick simply can't understand why police couldn't react more quickly.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "8:25 the incident happened. Over three hours later, the incident is still being dealt with. Keystone Cops or what? You know they will have attended in their hi-vis jackets in their scores, flashing blue lights, stopping traffic racing through.

"And when they get there, they spend more than three hours sorting this out? For the love of God. If the car stopped like that outside New Scotland Yard this morning, just blocked the road, or stopped outside the House of Commons, or stopped anywhere else in the city, do you think it would take them more than three hours to move the damn thing?

"Where is the will? Where is the gumption? Where is the idea? 'I'll tell you what we do guv, let's bring one of those enormous tow trucks that they use for buses. You know the sort I mean, they get about five miles to the gallon of diesel. Let's bring a couple of those round. Let's bring them over here with police motorbikes. Let's bring them in the wrong way down the carriageway, hook these cars up and drag them out. Let's get traffic moving.'

"But no. People will have missed flights, business deals would have been missed, people visiting relatives, possibly even, I know Heathrow is not a big holiday airport, but there will possibly be people who slave their nuts off all year long so they can go away for a week's holiday and they can't get it because a bunch of these herberts blocking the road.

"Now I absolutely, absolutely support the right to protest, of course I do, otherwise you may as well wear boiler suits and live in North Korea. But when something like this happens.

"Now surprisingly, there's no senior police officer who wants to come on the show. I wonder why? More than three hours."