"It's a fiasco": Parent explains why government decision on mock A-levels isn't fair

12 August 2020, 09:50 | Updated: 12 August 2020, 10:09

By Adrian Sherling

This parent of an A-level student explained to Nick Ferrari why using mock exam results simply isn't fair on the pupils.

A-level students in England are being told their final results will be no lower than their mock exams, thanks to a so-called 'triple-lock'.

It means they'll be able to choose from whichever is highest out of their estimated grades, mock results or optional exams in the autumn. It follows Scotland's decision to switch to using teachers' predictions yesterday.

Maria called in from Morden and did not mince her words in response to the government's plan. She said: "This is an absolute disaster. It is a fiasco.

"The government have had a knee-jerk reaction in saying that mocks can be used.

"That all sounds great on the surface, but actually mocks are not standardised exams. Schools use amalgamated papers, there is not one paper that all students sit for mocks. They use mocks to test the gaps.

"Some students will take mocks in autumn, some will take them in spring.

"At that point in time, they haven't even finished teaching the syllabus. They are still 4-7 months away from taking the exams."

A parent told Nick Ferrari why using mock grades is not fair
A parent told Nick Ferrari why using mock grades is not fair. Picture: PA / LBC

But Maria was even more frustrated by the standardisation system originally instigated, labelling it "grossly unfair and discriminatory".

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