Fixed Odds Betting Terminals: Caller Reveals He's Lost Over £1million Gambling

17 May 2018, 09:53

This caller revealed he has lost over £1million to gambling.

Nick Ferrari was discussing the government's decision to restrict the amount you can spin on a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal from £100 to just £2.

'John' in Islington told Nick it was a great move, after revealing that he had lost a seven-figure sum to gambling - but is now nine years clean.

He said: "I can categorically tell you that 90% of people who come into the rooms are problematic gamblers with Fixed Odds Betting Terminal machines.

"A cap of £2 will take you 50 spins to create the same damage it would from one spin.

Nick Ferrari spoke to a victim of the FOBTs
Nick Ferrari spoke to a victim of the FOBTs. Picture: PA / LBC

"Every third shop now is a bookmakers. They used to shut at 5.30pm, but there's one near me that's open at 10pm on a Sunday night. There's no racing at 10pm on a Sunday night. It's just got people filling the machines with £100 every 20 seconds."

When Nick asked him how much money he lost gambling, John revealed: "A fortune. Over a million pounds.

"I've done wrong by friends. I've lost property, family."