Gavin Williamson brands European Super League plans 'quite simply wrong'

20 April 2021, 08:11

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson tells LBC plans for six clubs to join a breakaway European Super League is "quite simply wrong."

Amid a national conversation over the future of football, LBC's Nick Ferrari grilled the Education Secretary on the issue.

When Nick asked the senior politician what football team he supports the answer seemed a little halting, the eventual answer was Wolverhampton Wanderers.

But when Nick asked Mr Williamson for his reaction to six English clubs planning to break away and join a European Super League the answer was much quicker.

"It's quite simply wrong," Mr Williamson said.

He told Nick football clubs are "based in their communities" and this was "where they gain their strength from."

The Education Secretary said the owners of these six clubs "seem to have forgotten that."

"It's just, quite simply not right, it's losing track of what football is about."

Prince William, president of the Football Association, voiced his concern over the plan which would see the breakaway clubs reap the benefits of a lucrative new competition without the threat of relegation. He said the proposal risked "damage" to the "game we love".

Football authorities will consider their next moves in the fight against the proposed European Super League on Tuesday as the 12 clubs signed up press ahead with the plans.

Tensions escalated on Monday night as fans gathered outside Elland Road to voice their anger during the build-up to Liverpool's 1-1 draw at Leeds - a match in which the Reds' Champions League qualification hopes were dented but which would in future be a dead rubber if the 'closed-shop' plans go ahead.

As shirts were burned outside the stadium, inside Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp walked a tight rope as he reiterated his own belief that a Super League is a bad idea while insisting neither he nor his players had been consulted by the club's owners.