German Business Leader Urges EU To Allow UK To Control Own Immigration

22 August 2019, 10:10

A leading businessman in Germany has urged the EU to allow the UK to control its own immigration and let them stay in the union.

Hans Olaf-Henkel, formerly an MEP and the President of the Federation of German Industries, told LBC that Brexit has become a lose-lose for both parties and a compromise needs to be found.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "If the German government really want to do something, they should support the Remainers of Britain.

"They should say 'Look folks, this is so complicated, there is no solution to the backstop. We must offer Britain a new deal to enable them to stay in the European Union'.

"I think that would be the best solution."

A German business leader urged the EU to do a deal with the UK
A German business leader urged the EU to do a deal with the UK. Picture: PA / LBC

Nick pointed out that the UK has voted to leave, but Mr Olaf-Henkel said that solving the issue of immigration could help tip the balance.

He added: "It has turned out to be a lose-lose situation for both Britain and the European Union.

"That is why I think the European Union should take some blame for the result of the referendum.

"They should now offer Britain something they were unable and unwilling to give David Cameron at that time. And that is to give the UK more autonomy over their immigration. That was the key issue at the time of the referendum."