'We're In The Dark About Everything': Harry Dunn's Dad On Why They'll Sue Foreign Office

25 October 2019, 13:46

The family of Harry Dunn are planning legal action against the Foreign Office for how they have dealt with their son's death.

Tim Dunn is the dad of Harry Dunn - the 19-year-old who was killed in a crash involving the wife of a US diplomat who left the country.

He spoke to Nick Ferrari about their decision to take legal action against the Foreign Office.

Dunn said: "Well, we met with lawyers yesterday because we feel like we've come to the end of the road with what we're trying to do with our campaign. We're not the end of the road but we felt like we needed to go to the next step and get advice from lawyers.

We found from the start that the diplomatic immunity was not correct. And we've found from our own investigation, and for the reporters that have helped us looked into, it seems to be that there's mistakes been made by certain people."

Ferrari asked: "What would the aim be, Mr. Dunn, to try and get Anne Sacoolas brought back?"

'We're In The Dark About Everything': Harry Dunn's Dad On Why They'll Sue Foreign Office
'We're In The Dark About Everything': Harry Dunn's Dad On Why They'll Sue Foreign Office. Picture: PA

Dunn said: "It's always been the aim to get Anne back to face justice for Harry. Yes, we're probably struggling to get that.

But then, as a family, we need to know the truth about Harry, why things have not been said, why things have not been clearer, why question are there but not getting answered. And we need to think about for the future.

"There's obviously some problem with this diplomatic immunity set up they've got going on between the two countries or all over the whole world or whatever. But it's not right.

Somebody can't be killed and just walk away."

Nick asked what his view was on Northamptonshire Police sending officers to the United States.

Dunn replied: "The lady admitted to killing Harry.

"So I'm trying to think what are the police going to ask her that they couldn't ask over the phone?

I don't know. It just just seems a bit of a PR stunt for her to say she sorry, to be honest."

Nick asked what his thoughts were on the Foreign Office saying that they've done everything they can "properly to clear a path so justice can be done for his family".

Dunn said: "We have a timeline from different angles, from the police, from the Foreign Office, from the Americans and they just don't match up.

"The dates from all three are different. And to us, it just is not ringing true. We've not had much contact with the Foreign Office, we had one meeting with Dominic Raab and then we've had nothing.

"No communication or anything. So we just seem to be in the dark about everything.

We feel there's something not right, and I think a lot of the country feels there's something not right, but they're still not telling us what's going."

Ferrari then spoke about how listeners were so impressed by how his and his partner acted when they met with President Donald Trump. He asked how difficult that moment was for him.

The father of Harry Dunn explained about his partner Charlotte was "strong" and "firm" with President Trump. She "stuck to her guns" and "managed to get her point across".

Trump asked three times if they wanted to meet with Sacoolas, said Dunn, and Charlotte said no.

He added: "She just treated him as the businessman he was before he became President."

Nick Ferrari asked if he was a "good bloke trying to achieve something here for you".

Dunn said: "At the meeting, he was very gracious, courteous. He spoke to us like it was sincere.

"I mean, I've only met the guy once and he come across to us as sincere in the interview. But in reflection, trying to throw a meeting together with Anne Sacoolas as a surprise, we didn't know nothing about it.

We only thought about it, it was a bit...I don't know... I don't know if that's the right way to go."