A Homeopath Suggested There Was A Conspiracy... And Then This Happened

19 April 2018, 10:16

This homeopathy expert suggested there was a conspiracy in Britain against homeopathy - just as his line cut off live on air.

David Needleman, who runs the Homeopathy Helpline, said the report in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine which criticised the alternative medicine was written by authors who make a living out of rubbishing homeopathy.

But just as he suggested there was a cabal of people who were deliberately downplaying homeopathy, saying "It's really strange because...", his line cut out.

Nick Ferrari burst into laughter, saying: "Oh, that's a nuisance, he's going to think that LBC is part of the conspiracy.

"Why is it that every time this week we've got to anyone who has alleged a conspiracy, whether it's anti-Semitism or homeopathy, the bloody line drops out.

"He'll be saying 'THAT'S IT! LBC is part of the anti-homeopathic cabal!"

Nick Ferrari found the moment the line cut hilarious
Nick Ferrari found the moment the line cut hilarious. Picture: LBC

Mr Needleman did come back and revealed: "One of the things they are saying is if you don't prescribe according to certain parameters, you're ineffective.

"Whereas, sometimes it takes a more intelligent approach, or a global approach, in certain instances, some medications, whether they be homeopathic, herbal or other systems, may be effective for your patient.

"Because you've chosen that particular way of dealing with their particular problem, you are classified as being in that bottom section. Which they have then made a whole research project about in order to satisfy the demands of your bigotry."