Nick Ferrari asks Housing Sec why they've waited nine years to correct problems

27 November 2019, 09:21

The Conservatives say they will solve the "perennial problem" of bad mobile signal around the UK. Nick Ferrari asked they why they haven't acted in the nine years they've been in power.

The Tories say they have agreed a £1billion deal with the four main mobile operators to enable people to roam seamlessly across networks if your own provider doesn't have any signal.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick appeared on LBC to talk up their plan, which he says is much-needed. So Nick asked why they haven't done it before.

Nick said: "I note that your party has been in power - or the major party in power - for nine years. Why have you waited this long?

"The Conservatives have been around since 2010. Why have you waited nine years?"

Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio
Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Mr Jenrick insisted: "I wouldn't underestimate what a significant and innovative thing this is. No other country has managed to do it anywhere else in the world.

"We will be leading the world. It is a great deal we have managed to put together. And it is something that we will do within the first 100 days of a Conservative majority government."

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