Nick Ferrari's Idea To Solve Child Obesity Left Listeners In Hysterics

25 June 2018, 08:59

Nick Ferrari came up with an innovative way to reduce the problem of child obesity in Britain... and it left LBC listeners in hysterics.

The government is making a series of proposals to reduce the level of obesity in youngsters, including a ban on energy drinks for under 16s and removing sweets from next to supermarket checkouts.

But Nick has been thinking out of the box and come up with a very intriguing idea.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "I've had an idea. I think we need to redo supermarket carparks.

"This idea of mother and baby spaces being closest is ridiculous. The mother is likely to have another child, an older sibling.

"So the mother and baby spaces should be way out, as far away as they could possibly be from the supermarket.

Nick Ferrari had an innovative idea to solve child obesity
Nick Ferrari had an innovative idea to solve child obesity. Picture: LBC

"That means the child - and mum who's just had a baby - can benefit from the exercise. They will have a long walk to take all the shopping back to their car."

Listeners were in hysterics at Nick's idea. Watch him flesh it out live on air in the video at the top of the page.