Iranian tells LBC: We love Donald Trump for what he's done to Iran

3 January 2020, 10:03

An Iranian citizen called LBC to celebrate the US airstrike that killed Iran's most senior general.

Donald Trump ordered an airstrike on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in response to the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad.

Phrases such as World War III and Franz Ferdinand have been trending on Twitter as people react with concern to the escalating tensions in the Middle East.

But Iranian Maria called Nick Ferrari to hail the actions of President Trump.

She said: "Lots of Iranians today are very happy because this regime is a terrorist regime.

"There is no difference between these people and Isis. They are killing their own people. They are torturing them. They are raping young women, teenagers.

Nick Ferrari spoke to Iranian Maria, who praised Donald Trump
Nick Ferrari spoke to Iranian Maria, who praised Donald Trump. Picture: PA / LBC

"We are so happy and the US should continue doing this. What Trump is doing, we are happy. The majority of Iranians are hostage to this regime.

"We love Trump for what he is doing to these Mullahs, to these fascist regimes.

"The European Union and the UK should back the US to get rid of these regime - maybe not by war, but by sanctions."

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