Jonathan Van-Tam: Sports players should not hug when celebrating

13 January 2021, 12:56

By Sam Sholli

Footballers and rugby players should not hug each other when they celebrate a win during the pandemic, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam has told LBC.

Professor Van-Tam made the comment during LBC's exclusive interview as Covid cases have risen by 45,533, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to 3,164,051.

Speaking of rugby and football players who embrace each other when celebrating, LBC's Nick Ferrari asked Prof Van-Tam: "Is it not time to advise these blokes and women who play 'sorry, no kissing'?"

Prof Van-Tam said: "We cannot relax until we have a very substantially vaccinated population.

"And until then, we are in a dangerous place. And when you look at the NHS, we are in a dangerous place now.

"Every close human contact that is avoidable should be avoided because one in three of us will get the infection and have no symptoms at all.

"So I'm afraid on the football point [and] on the sporting point, I do agree with you."