'If we allow ourselves to be in hock to doom-mongers we'll never break free'

18 June 2021, 08:51

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

After a fiery conversation with a member of Sage, Nick Ferrari shared some of the forecasts made by the body which were, "not just wrong, but they missed by a country mile."

"The claim that there were 17,000 ICU beds at the peak, the reality: 3,247 were on ventilators."

"The claim there would be 1,000 daily deaths by the end of October, the reality: There were 250, which is 250 too many."

"The claim that 7,500 people would be in hospital without the roadmap, the reality: 1,227."

Nick warned if the country allows itself to 'be in hock to these doom-mongers then we will never, ever, in the words of Freddy, break free."

"We've talked about the fact one in six of you is waiting for NHS treatment, we've not even looked at the impact on emotional health, and you know about the impact on many businesses, and I've talked many times about the people who've not been able to make a dollar during all this."

Nick warned, as it was suggested that 'Freedom Day' could be on July 5th, that previous suggestions and predictions have been wrong.

"It's time to open up."