Nick Ferrari challenges Labour's Barry Gardiner over why he shut down journalist

28 November 2019, 08:12

This is what happened when Nick Ferrari asked Barry Gardiner if he wanted to apologise to an ITV journalist for his "brusque" response to her question at a press conference.

The Shadow International Trade Secretary refused to accept Libby Weiner's question about Labour's problem with anti-Semitism, insisting she should be asking about trade and the NHS instead.

He's been accused of being telling journalists what they can and can't ask. But speaking to Nick Ferrari, he insisted he has nothing to apologise for.

Nick asked: "In the light of the criticism that's been shared, do you want to review the way you dealt with the question from the ITV journalist?"

Mr Gardiner insisted he was unaware of any of the criticism, so Nick played him the clip again.

Afterwards, the Labour candidate said: "I don't think an apology is necessary. Let me explain why.

"The question immediately prior to that had been asked by Beth Rigby. We were taking three questions together and she had asked exactly the same question as well as a question about health and trade, which was the matter we were discussing at that time.

"Libby Weiner only asked about that, so I gave her the opportunity also to ask about health and trade."

Nick Ferrari questioned Barry Gardiner about the incident with the ITV journalist
Nick Ferrari questioned Barry Gardiner about the incident with the ITV journalist. Picture: ITV News / LBC

Nick asked whether Mr Gardiner thought Jeremy Corbyn should have apologised for Labour's response to anti-Semitism allegations and he admitted he should have done.

He stated: "Jeremy has apologised a number of times in the past. It would have been absolutely right. It's always good, in my view, to apologise."

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