The Moment The Leader Of The Greens Agreed With A Motoring Lobbyist

21 November 2017, 10:25

This is the moment an unlikely accord was formed between the co-leader of the Greens, a motoring lobbyist and Nick Ferrari - all united in their opposition to HS2.

Jonathan Bartley, the co-leader of the Greens, has reached a surprising agreement with a motoring lobbyist.

Bartley was discussing tomorrow's budget's expected increase in diesel duty with Howard Cox, co-founder of Fair Fuel UK.

The two clashed on fuel tax but were united in their opposition to the £60 billion HS2.

"We're putting the wrong money in the wrong places," Bartley said.

"Jonathan we've finally got there. All the years we've known each other, you and I have reached an accord which is the lunacy of HS2," Nick replied.

"Let's celebrate this moment at 11 minutes past 8 on the 21st November."

It wasn't long before Howard was chiming along with the two of them: "I nearly fell off my chair as well, I couldn't believe I would ever agree with Green on this one. Jonathan well done my friend, I totally agree, and so do our supporters."

Nick passed on his congratulations, "This is a real moment here, made in heaven. Howard Cox from Fair Fuel UK, Jonathan Bartley from the Greens, you are in accord you guys."

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