Met Police Commissioner Not Worried Over Trump's Tweets

25 June 2019, 13:19

Britain's most senior police officer told LBC her officers are too focused on their own work to worry about Donald Trump's comments, but that she'd be "sad" if he's damaged London's reputation.

When Nick Ferrari asked the Met Police Commissioner if it impacts on her officer's morale when President Trump tweets negative comments about London and the crime rates, the Commissioner said her staff were "very focused on their own jobs."

Telling LBC she would be "very surprised if it dents their morale," she said the Met was focused on London and their jobs.

However, she said she would be "sad" if it the US President's comments "affect London's international reputation in an unfair way."

Nick Ferrari asked if the Commissioner thought the US President should focus on American cities, Ms Dick said that everybody in the "western world" needs to "look at what's going on in big cities."

"American cities have tremendous, tremendous challenges with the most serious violent crime," she told LBC.

US President Donald Trump had previously commented on Twitter blaming high levels of violent crime in the capital on Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Mr Trump said: "He is a national disgrace who is destroying the city of London!"