Energy expert explains how to save up to £300 on your bills

2 December 2019, 15:24 | Updated: 4 December 2019, 15:35

The energy expert from explained to Nick Ferrari how easy it is to save money on bills.

Nick Ferrari asked Stephen Murray: "How straightforward is it and how easy do some of the big companies make it when you seek to terminate an agreement that might date back years?"

Murray replied: "If you've not done anything for a good number of years, you will not be locked in or tied in in any way, shape or form to your supplier. So it's very easy.

"It literally is whether you choose to go online and do it yourself. It's five or 10 minutes.

"For your listeners who may not feel as comfortable as that then our comparison site, among a lot of others, have free phone numbers you can call in and the agents there will be able to support and help you through the process.

The important thing is if you can get yourself your most recent energy bill in front of you, everything will be on there that will help you to do so."

Money saving expert explains how to save up to £300 on energy bills
Money saving expert explains how to save up to £300 on energy bills. Picture: PA

Nick Ferrari said that can allow the comparison websites agents to help work out their rates.

Murray said: "The sin of doing nothing is usually greater than if you get it a little bit wrong.

To those people, your listeners at the moment, who have never done anything about it, they are at the moment going to be paying around, about for an average user, almost £1200 pounds a year."

Nick pointed out that means listeners could pick up about £100 a month.

Murray said that, actually, within 10 minutes, the average consumer could save about £250 to £300 very easily.