'Mr Williamson, be honest, have you ever been thrown out of a pub?'

20 April 2021, 08:28

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

After Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was kicked out of a pub by an angry landlord, Nick Ferrari asked Gavin Williamson if the same fate had ever befallen him.

Sir Keir Starmer was forced to leave a pub during a walkabout in Bath after clashing with a landlord over coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Landlord Rod Humphris, 54, appeared to be held back by members of the Labour leader's security team as he shouted "That man is not allowed in my pub" and "Get out of my pub" at him.

This led to Nick Ferrari questioning the Education Secretary if he'd ever been refused service at a bar.

"Mr Williamson, be honest, have you ever been thrown out of a pub?"

Answering the question, Mr Williamson said he couldn't recall such an event.

Sir Keir was campaigning in the city on Monday ahead of the forthcoming elections and it is understood his visit to The Raven had been agreed with a co-owner.

The confrontation came after Mr Humphris approached the Labour leader in the street outside of the city centre pub, telling him that he did not agree with the handling of the pandemic and that Sir Keir had "failed" the country.

Footage of the incident captured by reporters shows Sir Keir refer to his wife working in a central London hospital during the crisis, adding: "So I really don't need lectures from you about this pandemic."

He then appeared to move inside the premises, which is when Mr Humphris began shouting "Get out of my pub" while he grappled with members of the Labour leader's team.

The Labour leader later tweeted a picture of himself enjoying a pint, apparently in a pub beer garden, with the caption: "Better late than never...."