Nick Had A LOT Of Fun With This Conspiracy Theory Caller

23 November 2016, 10:26

Ferrari Chemtrails

This conspiracy theory caller is very angry about chemtrails... and her conversation with Nick Ferrari is wonderfully entertaining.

Nadia said that "they" are spraying aluminium nanoparticles into the air to block out the sun - but she is unsure who "they" are.

As she told LBC listeners about the chemtrails, Nick teased her: "Oh dear Nadia, did you not get enough sleep last night?"

Nadia told Nick to ask Lib Dem MP Norman Baker about it, but Nick's response was clear: "He's fantastic, he adds to the gaity of the nation. But he's nuttier than a fruitcake that man. He's bonkers."

Nadia had a wonderful comeback to that: "He doesn't write articles about Prince's haircut in The Sun."

That's a reference to an article from a long, long time ago and Nick told the story again.

"Prince was the biggest name in music and there was a demand for stories about him. I was working on the Bizarre page on The Sun. I wrote a story and it went to the overnight editor.

"He had a stamp with an eight-letter word that rhymes with rollicks, which is what you put your oars in on a boat. My story came back having been stamped with that.

"So then I submitted another one, stamped again and written saying 'I just want a Prince story'.

"So I phoned Prince's people up and I said 'I've got to have a story and it's going to be a lead on the Bizarre page. What's he up to?'

"They said he wasn't up to anything. So I trawled all the American contacts, but they said they've given me everything they've got on Prince.

"I'm getting shouted at and the deadline is approaching. So I thought I'm going to have to employ a bit of journalistic licence here.

"So I wrote this story about how he needed a haircut and he went down to a hairdressers in Los Angeles in his pink Cadillac. I wrote he had a dozen burly minders who moved him to the hairdressers, cleared everyone out and paid for their haircuts.

"Then Prince came in with his 12 guards, attended to his hair, and after he'd had his haircut, one of the burly guards carefully swept up all the loose hair and put it in a Walmart supermarket bag, tied it up, put it in the boot of the pink Cadillac and they all drove off.

"The story came back that it was fantastic, it was a big lead. Not a word of truth to it at all.

"A few weeks later, I bumped into the press officer from Warner Brothers, who Prince was with. And he said 'That Prince story'. And I thought 'Oh my god, I'm really sorry, I was in a hole. It just occurred to me that he needed a haircut'.

"Then he said 'Prince saw it. He's gone back to America. He laughed like a drain. He thought it was hilarious and just wondered how on earth you'd made it up. So even Prince liked the story."