Nick Ferrari clashes with caller on working from home

13 November 2020, 11:29

By Sam Sholli

The exchange comes after a report from Deutsche Bank suggested that working from home should be taxed to help support workers whose jobs are under threat.

Deutsche Bank's research unit has said tax of 5% of a worker's salary if workers choose to work from home when they are not forced to by the current pandemic.

Singh from Leicester told Nick that he was not in favour of the idea, saying that "the employer saves costs from not having their employees in the office".

Nick then told Singh: "They should be paying you less probably because you're not working as hard."

Singh replied: "They also have savings of electricity [and] heating, which presumably they wouldn't pay for because their employees are not in there consuming the electricity [and] the heating..."

Singh, who works in local government, went on to say that he works "probably about three [or] four times as hard" at home than he does in the office.

Nick then questioned Singh on whether or not it's important for him to meet with and learn from colleagues in-person.

When asked by Singh why this was not possible via online platforms such as Zoom, Nick said: "You don't get the nuances."

Singh responded: "How don't you? How is it any different from speaking over Microsoft Teams to speaking to somebody face-to-face. It's exactly the same, Nick."