Nick Ferrari Criticises Ukip's Anti-Islam Candidate For Dividing Britain

29 August 2017, 08:47

Nick Ferrari told Ukip hopeful Anne-Marie Waters that she is dividing Britain by calling for internment of Jihadis.

Ms Waters is standing to be Ukip leader, but her anti-Islam views have split the party.

And speaking to Nick Ferrari, she admitted she doesn't like Islam and we need to act to protect the country.

Referring to internment, she said: "Protecting the public is the most important aspect. We can deal with the difficulties afterwards.

"What I want to know is why are we risking the public? We must prioritise the safety of the British people. That is simply what I'm calling for."

But Nick told her: "Do you acknowledge that when it was done in Northern Ireland, it was one of the best recruiting tools the IRA ever had?

"Do we not learn from history?"

Nick Ferrari clashed with Anne-Marie Waters
Nick Ferrari clashed with Anne-Marie Waters. Picture: LBC

She responded: "This is growing and growing and growing. We are either going to sit back and wait and leave the public at risk, or we are going to take tough measures."

However, Nick insisted: "What is to be gained from dividing the British public?

"Rounding up people because of their faith and putting them in internment camps is a rather divisive move."

When Ms Waters said she just wanted to protect the British people, Nick pointed out that many of the people she is talking about are British people: "These are young British men. How is it protecting them to put them in an internment camp in Luton?"