Nick Grills Therese Coffey Over Tory Who Said Benefits Claimants Should Be 'Put Down'

4 November 2019, 13:53 | Updated: 4 November 2019, 13:55

Nick Ferrari challenged work and pensions secretary Therese Coffey over Tory candidate who said people on reality programme Benefits Street 'need putting down.'

Coffey confirmed that the government's aim is to raise the Standard Living Wage to £10.50 by 2024 which will cover people from 21 years of age onwards.

LBC's Nick Ferrari acknowledged these aims were clearly supportive of workers but that Tory candidate Francesca O'Brien's comments were not.

The Gower, south Wales candidate wrote on Facebook that people in the reality TV programme Benefits Street "need putting down."

"It was the wrong thing to say. I don't agree with what she said at all," said Coffey.

Nick asked: "Why is she still representing the Conservative party?"

"I understand she said it about five and a half years ago, she's apologised for those comments, I think it's up for the voters in Gower for who they want to be their MP," Coffey continued.

Nick asked whether Coffey would vote for her after these comments and she said she would.

"On one hand, Therese Coffey, I'm hearing how you and your colleagues are doing all that you can for these folk, on the other hand you'd vote for someone who not that long ago said they need putting down."

Coffey said she didn't know the context of what was said but that it was wrong and that O'Brien has apologised.