Nick Ferrari Hands Illegal Knives Disguised As Lipstick To Met Police Commissioner

17 September 2019, 08:56 | Updated: 17 September 2019, 13:10

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick reacted with concern as Nick Ferrari showed her the illegal knives that our reporter purchased hidden as a comb and lipstick.

The UK's most senior police officer was handed two weapons - one six-inch blade hidden inside a comb and one claw knife disguised as lipstick.

It was from LBC's exclusive story revealing that weapons such as these are available to buy via Instagram for just over £10.

Cressida Dick looking at the hidden knife
Cressida Dick looking at the hidden knife. Picture: LBC

Looking at the blades, Dame Cressida said her officers are trained to spot these devices. She said: "This sort of phenomenon is not new. If I took you to our collection at the Yard, I could show you things from the 19th century which are very similar to these. We've got a comb which is exactly that.

"Our officers are constantly trained not to assume that a comb like that is a comb and to be very careful as it might be a 'concealed stiletto' as it used to be called.

"However, such things arriving by post or by an online sale is new and of real concern.

"There is a responsibility on the companies I'm sure you will have spoken to them. I'm not suggesting it's easy for them to stop these items, but they have a responsibility to make a concerted effort."

The two items were shipped from North Carolina through customs via Royal Mail to an address in London. There was no age or security checks when they were ordered or delivered.

Knife crime is a major concern across the UK now, with 61 people stabbed to death so far in London this year. 18 of those were teenagers.

Last year in the UK, 573 teenagers were admitted to A&E after being stabbed.