Nick Ferrari And Jo Swinson Trade Analogies Over Brexit

16 October 2019, 10:49

When Jo Swinson used an analogy about buying a house to explain why we should cancel Brexit, Nick Ferrari used an analogy of his own to show why we need to leave.

Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment which would force the Prime Minister to offer a second referendum on a Withdrawal Agreement or cancelling Brexit.

If selected, this amendment would be voted on early next week.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, the Lib Dem leader said Brexit was like buying a house - you agree to buy it and instruct solicitors to sort it out.

However, if you find something you don't like or the situation changes, you can pull out and return to the status quo.

Nick Ferrari traded analogies with the Lib Dem leader
Nick Ferrari traded analogies with the Lib Dem leader. Picture: LBC

But Nick pulled out an analogy himself, explaining why it's important that we leave the EU.

He told her: "You use the analogy of buying a house. In the past, I have used the analogy of getting a divorce, which sadly I have.

"You don't instruct lawyers, who then three and a half years later come back and say actually we think it's a good idea if she loves back in with you.

"If you choose to divorce, you divorce. You get it done and that's where you and your colleagues have failed."

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