Nick Ferrari: Not Impressed By Lily Allen's Calais-Nazi Comparison

27 October 2016, 07:20 | Updated: 27 October 2016, 07:42

Lily Allen has compared the treatment and media coverage of Calais migrants to Nazi Germany. Nick Ferrari is very ticked off at that.

In an article for Vice online, the singer writes about her visit to the Calais migrant camp, where she famously apologised to one migrant for Britain's role in the refugee crisis.

She also writes: "From a very early age we were taught about the Second World War and how evil Hitler was. You always wonder how he managed to get the whole country to go along with that. Now we're seeing it. But I don't want to be a good German. I want to be on the right side of history."

That comparison left Nick fuming.

"She's furious with right wing publications and commentators - hopefully she does mean me.

"So, another one of these people who likens what's happening in the Calais Jungle to what happened in the Second World War.

"The last time I looked, the showers in Calais dispensed water.

"As I recall, the showers with Hitler dispensed gas that killed people.

"The last time I looked, people were rounded up against their will, thrown on cattle trucks and driven halfway across Europe without water or anything. This time they're carefully processed, details are taken and if they can, they're send to countries such as Britain."

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Nick ended with a stinging message for Lily: "Maybe you want to read a history book? Or perhaps just stick to singing love. Because we don't expect Simon Schama to go out and become a popstar.

"So let's just keep it that way, shall we?"