Nick Ferrari Quotes Labour Manifesto Back To Keir Starmer Over Second Referendum

26 February 2019, 09:24

Nick Ferrari asked Keir Starmer how people could ever trust the Labour Party again after reading a key line in their manifesto about Brexit.

The Shadow Brexit Secretary was speaking to LBC after Labour revealed they would back a People's Vote if they could not pass an amendment on their own Brexit policy.

But Nick told him: "If I quote to you from the Labour manifesto at the last General Election - 'Labour accepts the referendum result'.

"Why should my listeners ever trust a word you and your colleagues say again?"

Nick Ferrari had a tough question for Keir Starmer
Nick Ferrari had a tough question for Keir Starmer. Picture: LBC

Sir Keir responded: "It's important all of our commitments in that manifesto are taken into account. We said we would accept the result and we triggered Article 50 on that basis to open up a two-year window to allow the Prime Minister to negotiate.

"In that same manifesto, we also said we would not support the Prime Minister's red lines, we said we would effectively tear them up if we got into government.

"We also said we'd take whatever steps necessary to prevent a no-deal.

"We find ourselves in that position. The Prime Minister says it's either her red lines - rejected in our manifesto - or no-deal - also rejected in our manifesto.

"We have to see this as a necessary step within the two-year window when we have challenged the Prime Minister up hill and down dale and she still refuses to budge from her red lines."

Sir Keir confirmed they would want the question on the second referendum would be "a credible Leave option or Remain" and he would campaign for Remain, but he couldn't say which way Jeremy Corbyn would vote.