Nick Ferrari Shouts At Caller Who Says Shouting Is “Common Assault”

14 December 2018, 11:28 | Updated: 14 December 2018, 11:35

When this caller insisted to Nick Ferrari that shouting at somebody is “common assault”, he got a rather amusing response.

It follows reports that police officers are having to fill in forms if they shout at suspects while restraining them.

They are detailed in new Home Office figures - which show every time a frontline officer uses force.

Although shouting is not classed as a “use of force” - it’s required to be recorded as a “tactical communication”.

Nick Ferrari
Picture: LBC

Nick described it as “remarkable” but then he took a call from Scott.

“Ultimately you might not realise, but by shouting at somebody, a police officer is technically committing common assault,” the caller said.

And after much disbelief, Nick put some examples to Scott - by shouting at him.

Watch above.