Nick Ferrari Slams Police For Abusing Terror Laws To Spy On Reporters

19 December 2016, 10:45 | Updated: 19 December 2016, 11:00

Nick Ferrari angry

As taxpayers face paying the price for Cleveland police’s actions, Nick fumes at their abuse of power.

The force, whose disgraced ex-Chief Constable, Sean Price, was revealed to have spent taxpayer money to carry on an affair with a colleague, tapped the phones of reporters investigating them.

“This is an absolute abuse.

“This is where it goes wrong and it cannot be allowed to continue.”

The force has admitted it accessed the phone records of a reporter with the Mirror, and other local papers, using the Regulatory Investigatory Powers Act while the journalists investigated them over allegations of racism.

Cleveland police have been pulled up in front of the regulator for this action, which it says was a mistake, and Nick is understandably furious at their actions and who will have to pay the price for them.

“The Investigations Power Tribunal will probably fine Cleveland police, so what does that mean?

“That means the taxpayers of Cleveland, who have already had their money abused by a dodgy ex-Chief Constable… spending taxpayer’s money to go on jollies to Estonia and elsewhere, will then have to pay more money in a fine for their incompetent police.”

Nick thinks the police need to learn a lesson and pay the money out of their budget.