Nick Ferrari 'Solves' Problems With Voter ID Plans

14 October 2019, 11:10

A caller told Nick she was disgusted by 'leaked' proposals that would require voters to use photo ID - but Nick Ferrari had a solution that left them both satisfied.

Hannah, from Balham, told Nick Ferrari that she was outraged by ideas to ensure that voters would need some form of voter ID.

She said: "No, Nick, I'm disgusted at this. A driving licence at the moment is £34 and, if you do it online it's £34, if you do it by post it's £43. A passport at the moment in this country costs £72.50, raising on the 27th March to £85. Factoring in the cost of photos, Nick, you're looking at nearly £50 minimum just for your right to vote."

Nick replied: "I did say it's not a crime not to drive nor to travel, so we'll have to be able to go to the Post Office and for a fiver get a photo ID card. That's what we'll we need."

Nick Ferrari 'Solves' Problems With Voter ID Plans
Nick Ferrari 'Solves' Problems With Voter ID Plans. Picture: PA

Hannah said: "When you've got people in this country, and we're talking millions, who cannot afford to feed their children and they're using food banks..."

Nick exclaimed: "Come on, a fiver! A fiver!"

Hannah replied: "That's £5, Nick. It may not be a lot to you but to some people that £5 is the cost, the choice of 'I feed my kids' or 'I pay my electric bill'. There are people in poverty who are entitled to vote."

Nick, unconvinced, said: "It will allow you to vote and it's probably good for 20 years. It's a fiver. It's going to be about 10p a year!"

Hannah said: "The suffragette women died for our right to vote and now we're basically being told you have to pay for that right. That's disgusting, Nick."

Nick asked: "So, you're happy for elections to be rigged"

Hannah said: "I would be happy that people would be given a free identification. It has to be free."

Nick, approaching a solution, said: "Ok, so if in the case of - and if it is you, I'm very sorry - if you're living on benefits, you have no money, it's free. For someone like me, if I didn't have a passport, it's a fiver. How about that?"

Hannah, satisfied, responded: "I would be happy with that. I think that there needs to be clarity."

Nick then said: "Done. I've solved it. I've solved it! This politics game is easy. Get Boris on the phone. Done - Home Secretary. Hannah, you're absolutely right. I've been informed by you, I apologise. We'll make the card free to those elderly or people who are on benefits."