Nick Ferrari Tears Into Travelodge Staff Who Labelled Dad A Paedophile

19 February 2018, 13:22

Nick Ferrari has laid into Travelodge after a dad was wrongly labelled a paedophile by staff who assumed his daughter was an underage grooming victim.

Karl Pollard checked in to the hotel in Macclesfield, Cheshire, with his 14-year-old, Stephanie, earlier this month.

The pair had travelled from South Wales to visit Mr Polland’s mother, who suffers from an aggressive form of lung cancer.

Nick Ferrari
Picture: LBC

He was left horrified when workers at the Travelodge accused him of being a paedophile and contacted the police.

A spokesperson from the hotel chain has since apologised, but the revelation left Nick gobsmacked.

“Travelodge say ‘we’ve given him a £150 refund’ - well honestly I’d tell them where to stick their £150,” Nick said.

“They say ‘all our guidelines are supported by the NSPCC’ - so you’re automatically a paedophile because you rock up with a 14-year-old girl?”

He continued: “If you’re thinking of going anywhere with your teenage children, you might want to view some of these press reports.

“Perhaps take a letter from mother or something like that, then they’ll be happy.”

Watch Nick's reaction in its entirety above.