Nick Ferrari Threatens To Ban Caller From LBC During Explosive Row

3 November 2017, 09:53

This is the explosive moment a listener rang Nick Ferrari because he was furious with a joke the LBC presenter had previously made.

The row was sparked over a gag Nick made about CCTV cameras being installed in the pupils’ toilets at a school in the West Midlands.

He joked: “If we put cameras by the loo, where are we going to beat up the weak children?”

Nick Ferrari
Picture: LBC

Turrell did not see the funny side though as he immediately called LBC and told Nick: “Can I just say how incredibly disappointed I am that you could make a comment like that on your last call about wanting to beat up the weak kids.

“I think that is absolutely disgusting.”

Nick didn’t back down, as he hit back: “Get a sense of humour, just calm down.

“We would never have a joke about anything if we took your world. It was a gag, I made clear it was a gag.

“Why do you listen? Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to me. Go find another show. Turrell I’m banning you. I might have to ban you.

“If you carry on like this I might have to ban you.”

Watch the explosive moment in all its glory above.