Nick Ferrari: UK Would Fall Apart Without Hard-Working Migrants

16 February 2017, 10:07 | Updated: 16 February 2017, 10:17

Nick Ferrari wide view

Nick Ferrari is a proud Brexiteer, but he says that Britain couldn't function without hard-working foreigners.

Employment figures show that nearly 450,000 more migrants are working in Britain, while the number of British-born workers fell 120,000 in the last year.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "It's too cheap and easy and lazy to say why don't Brits take the jobs. But hang on, why don't British people take the jobs?

"Many people would say that this was what fuelled last year's Brexit decision.

"They're not coming here to take our jobs. They're coming here because you don't want to do those jobs. That is a cold, hard fact.

"I'm second generation and I got my work ethic from my dad and my grandad, who both worked damned hard in different industries.

"For people who come here legally and take jobs as they are, good luck to them.

"Because the bus that you're going to travel on, the car that you might be driving in, your place of work might be cleaned by, the hospital if you have to go to it, possibly the schools that are being built, they are being built by people who weren't born here and the country wouldn't function without them."