Nick Ferrari's ABC: Nick Unveils His Anti-Bullying Charter

8 January 2018, 07:11 | Updated: 12 January 2018, 09:32

Nick Ferrari has unveiled his new charter to stop cyber-bullying.

Nick was shocked to learn that learning how to deal with cyber-bullying was not a part of the national curriculum in schools and launched a campaign to update the woefully out-of-date guidelines.

Research shows that 35% of 11-17-year-olds have experienced some form of cyberbullying, while 40% have witnessed it on social media. And yet, our schools have no guidelines to give to pupils to deal with this online bullying.

After asking his listeners for help with ideas on how we can counter cyber-bullying, he has drawn up a five-point charter to help.


1. Cyberbullying should be a compulsory part of PSHE education

2. Social media sites need to have clearer signposting to sources of support such as ChildLine, the Samaritans and other charities. These signposts should be clear and child friendly

3. We want to see strengthening of age verification measures for social media sites

4. All schools should have a secure area where pupils could call or email ChildLine if they are feeling victimised or bullied

5. Schools to host an annual session for parents to help understand how to help children who are being cyber-bullied

Nick will take this charter to the government, to schools and to charities to help implement each of these ideas. Stay tuned to Nick Ferrari At Breakfast on LBC for the latest news on his campaign.

Earlier this week, Nick learned how serious cyber-bullying can be when he spoke to Lucy Alexander, whose son Felix killed himself after being bullied for a number of years.

Nick Ferrari's Anti-Bullying Charter

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