Nick Ferrari Tells BP Protester To "Grow Up"

5 April 2016, 09:20 | Updated: 1 September 2016, 12:08

Nick Ferrari Studio

Nick Ferrari told a man protesting against the BP sponsorship of the British Museum to "grow up".

Almost 100 well-known people are calling on the new director of the British Museum to drop BP as a commercial sponsor, saying the partnership is "completely out of touch".

Danny Chivers from campaign group BP Or Not BP told Nick that BP are causing climate change and we need to move away from petrol usage.

But Nick shut him down, saying: "BP employs 80,000 people in a perfectly legal business, clearly a very successful business that sells petrol that allows ambulances to go, that allows planes to stay in the skies and you guys want to do away with it?"

Nick added: "Why don't you grow up?"

Mr Chivers insisted BP have a negative impact around the world, saying: "Right now, there are a million jobs in the UK that are linked to climate and we could have a lot more of them if we stopped our reliance on fossil fuels.

"We need a sensible transition away from oil and into clean energy. And we could easily have that if BP weren't blocking our progress.

"The reason why they sponsor things like the British Museum is to continue to get away with their destructive practices around the world."

The protester also claimed that BP is funding repressive military regimes around the world, to which Nick retorted: "Oh here we go, probably caused World War Two if we think about it long and hard enough."