Nick Ferrari's Vow If Corbyn Becomes PM: Watch

26 August 2016, 13:12 | Updated: 1 September 2016, 13:15

After a Jeremy Corbyn supporter insisted that the Labour leader is on the right path, Nick Ferrari made this promise.

Nick said that if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, he would dive off the top board of a swimming pool while wearing a burkini.

His vow came after former Labour MP Chris Williamson gave a passionate defence of the under-fire Labour leader.

After asking where Mr Williamson's nearest swimming pool was, Nick said: "I'm telling you this. If your man Mr Corbyn wins the next General Election, I will dive off the top board of the Derby swimming pool in a burkini.

"That's a deal.

"That's how I will be 'celebrating' Mr Corbyn's victory."