Nick Ferrari moved by father's inspiring account of raising Down Syndrome son

24 February 2020, 13:53 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 14:45

Nick was moved by Terry's bravery and positive attitude for his son, which he later described as a call he won't forget.

Terry from Hillingdon spoke of his determination to raise his child as best as he could, despite him being born with Down Syndrome.

Nick was taking calls asking on the fight to end late abortion due to Down Syndrome and was listening to the stories of parents with Down's children.

Terry spoke of his own initial apprehensions prior to his son being born, and how he would cope with a child with special needs. He said that he was afraid before and he questioned his own skills of parenting.

Nick pressed Terry on this and asked "what did you feel you wouldn't be able to do that you needed to do?".

Terry spoke of the joy his son has brought to the family
Terry spoke of the joy his son has brought to the family. Picture: PA

After already having a son, Terry expressed shame at thinking before his four-year-old Down Syndrome son was born "if I had a downs baby, how would I deal with it?"

After these thoughts, Terry and his wife found out they were due to have a Down Syndrome child and have never been happier. He shared with Nick that his son is due to start school in September and was delighted to share that his son was being enrolled in a regular school.

Nick was touched by the story of Terry's change of heart and determination and was honoured to have heard the story, struggling to find the words to express his feelings. He told Terry he hates to use the expression, but his son is "just a regular kid".