Nick Trashes NHS Staff Deportation Claims

25 August 2016, 13:18 | Updated: 1 September 2016, 13:37

Watch Nick Ferrari's testy interview with a researcher who claims that EU nationals working in the NHS fear they will be deported.

Chris Murray, research fellow on migration at the IPPR, wrote a report that concluded that the NHS would collapse without migrant workers.

"Mr Murray are you seriously suggesting that we would round up EU nationals and start deporting them?" Nick asked.

"That is a very graphic and emotive word. 

"I don’t understand what is predicated. Even in his maddest moments, with his post Brexit budget, George Osborne didn’t dream or foretell of deportation."

"I don’t know where you just picked this out of the sky.

"Is it because you want to get some publicity for your report?”