Nigel Farage Warns Brexiters: Boris Johnson Wants A Theresa May-Type Deal

21 August 2019, 09:05

Nigel Farage admitted he was concerned that Boris Johnson wanted to try to pass Theresa May's beaten withdrawal agreement after changing just 1% of it.

The Prime Minister is meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel today to try to win support over his demands to scrap the Irish border backstop in the Brexit deal.

Yesterday, the EU rejected his proposal for "alternative arrangements".

Speaking to Nick Ferrari this morning, Brexit Party leader Nigel said that Mr Johnson's letter had set the alarm bells ringing.

He said: "On the one hand, we hear that freedom of movement will end on 31st October, we hear that British officials will attend fewer meetings in Brussels. The first few weeks of the tough guy Boris Johnson government appear to be continuing.

"But, look at the four-page letter that Boris Johnson sent to Donald Tusk, in which he says getting a withdrawal agreement is our highest priority.

"Nowhere in that letter does Boris Johnson say that unless we get a better deal, we will leave on 31st October with no-deal.

Nick Ferrari spoke to Nigel Farage
Nick Ferrari spoke to Nigel Farage. Picture: LBC

"I think by mid-September, there will be an attempt between Brussels and Boris Johnson's government to get a withdrawal agreement back on the table.

"Boris Johnson seems to think that if the backstop is removed, Theresa May's deal is absolutely fine. He literally wants to change about 1% of that deal that was rejected three times by parliament.

"As somebody who wants Brexit, I do not want the withdrawal agreement that costs us £39billion, that still leaves us subject to a foreign court.

"I'm worried that we could face a Theresa May-type 2 deal."