Oliver Dowden escapes Nick Ferrari's questions thanks to fire alarm

19 March 2021, 08:26

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Watch one of the rare moments a politician gets away with not answering Nick Ferrari's question thanks to a fire alarm.

Every weekday morning LBC holds politicians to account, asking the questions our listeners want answers to.

Amid a serious political question from Nick Ferrari, Culture Secretary Olive Dowden was saved from answering by a timely interruption.

Many politicians have faced an inquisition from LBC's Breakfast presenter but few have got away with not having to answer.

When Nick asked the Government Minister a question about Scotland's First Minister the interruption came.

Asking should Nicola Sturgeon resign, Mr Dowden started to answer before the 'bing bong' broke in.

"Sorry, I think that's a fire alarm," the Culture Secretary said.

Showing concern for his guest Nick asked the Minister if he needs to evacuate the building, then starts to chuckle as the reply comes.

"I think it's a routine fire test."

This leads Nick to recounting another time when one of Mr Dowden's colleagues managed to escape his inquisition.

Watch the whole funny clip in the video at the top of the page to find out what happened next.