Nick Ferrari reacts to pensioner warned by police over cuppa with friend

19 March 2021, 11:55

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Nick Ferrari reacts to the "ghastly neighbour" who reported an 82-year-old woman to the police for breaching Covid rules by having a cup of tea outdoors with another person.

The pensioner was given a police warning after she had a socially distanced cup of tea with her neighbours in their communal garden.

Officers turned up at the 82-year-old’s sheltered housing complex home at 9.45pm to question her about the incident – after she’d settled into bed to watch television, the Daily Mail reported.

LBC's Nick Ferrari said we were now in a situation where a neighbour will report another neighbour.

"I hope you hang your head in shame."

"How dare you, an 82-year-old woman having a cup of tea with her friend in a communal garden is woken up eight and a quarter hours later by two police officers."

A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said: "An officer has spoken to the complainant and an explanation was provided in response to concerns raised. She was content with this and the matter has been resolved."

"Police received a report of a potential Covid breach on Tuesday 9 March at 1.30pm suspecting that there was a gathering involving people from multiple households in a residential garden in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham."

"Covid response officers attended later that day at around 9.45pm where some residents were spoken to and given words of advice around current restrictions."

"Officers are deployed to incidents based on an assessment of the threat, risk and harm of the incident and in this case officers who are part of the Covid response team and are deployed across the county attended later that evening."

Watch Nick's whole impassioned monologue in the video at the top of the page.