'PM was right to hire Dominic Cummings' former Tory adviser says

23 April 2021, 08:12

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Former Tory Party adviser Ali Miraj says a leak of texts from No 10 show 'the current Government is leakier than Richard Nixon's White House."

He was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari after sources at No 10 pointed the finger at him for leaking messages from Boris Johnson, claiming Mr Cummings is "bitter" following his exit from Downing Street last year.

An internal inquiry has been launched into how messages between the Prime Minister and billionaire Sir James Dyson were leaked to journalists.

Mr Miraj told Nick that the PM was right to hire Dominic Cummings and for a time the divisive adviser was Boris' 'brain'.

But the former Conservative Party foreign affairs adviser said the current leaks of messages to the press show that the PM's Government is "leakier than Richard Nixon's White House."

To his admirers, Mr Cummings is the maverick genius who overturned conventional wisdom to deliver one of the biggest political shocks in decades in the Brexit referendum.

He then spent 16 turbulent months as the power behind the throne in No 10 before falling from favour.

Even after leaving Downing Street last year, following a power struggle involving the Prime Minister's fiancee Carrie Symonds, Mr Cummings continued to leave no doubt about his open hostility to parts of the British political system.

Appearing before MPs in March he claimed the Department of Health and Social Care was reduced to a "smoking ruin" when the coronavirus pandemic hit.