Pub landlord says his business won't survive a second lockdown

17 September 2020, 10:10 | Updated: 17 September 2020, 13:42

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

'Take away the licenses of pubs that aren't sticking to Covid rules' - a pub landlord has told LBC.

The Landlord of a popular Euston bar told Nick Ferrari that he is currently trading at about "60% down on last year," describing post-lockdown trade as a "struggle."

His words came as stricter new measures are set to be announced for the North East of England, including a 10pm curfew on pubs and restaurants.

Tim from the Somers Town Coffee House said the idea of a 10pm curfew was ill-informed.

He told LBC telling people at 10pm they have to "stop drinking and go home and be really responsible" adding "it's just not going to happen."

The landlord said people would just go to an off-license and "buy booze, and they're all going to go back to their homes and continue the party."

He said this would lead to a situation the police would not be able to enforce.

Telling LBC during the national lockdown the police "didn't even have resources" to enforce the rules.

"We are highly regulated, very well controlled and a great and safe environment," he said of pubs.

He told LBC he turned away 15 bookings for Monday when people were trying to book in large groups of more than six people.

When Nick asked the landlord what he thought should be done to avoid a second wave.

"Take away the licenses of people that aren't professional," Tim said.

He said local authorities should be diligent in enforcing the new restrictions.

"If they're not prepared to play by the rules, and try and save the industry," he told Nick those venues should be shut down.

"My business won't survive a second lockdown, there's no hope," he ended with.