Furious Nick Ferrari reacts to army of NHS bureaucrats on £200k a year

9 September 2021, 07:58

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

With the news the NHS is spending millions hiring an army of £200,000 a year bureaucrats, a furious Nick Ferrari reacted.

The Telegraph reported the health service is hiring an army of 42 new executives on salaries of up to £270,000 each as Boris Johnson faces mounting anger over his tax rise to fund healthcare.

More than £9 million will be spent employing dozens of chief executives of new integrated care boards, each of whom will earn more than the Prime Minister.

The job description also insists that candidates “actively champion diversity, inclusion, and equality of opportunity for all.”

"Obsessed as the NHS is with diversity, opportunity for all, and inclusion. Which is important, but if we are now going to have the biggest tax take since World War 2 why are they not delivering?"

Nick warned that if more of these stories emerged the government would lose public sympathy.

"Their money is just paying rich consultants or legions of managers on gold plated salaries and pensions."

A furious Nick banged the desk to make his point, "That. Is. Not. Acceptable!"

"We've accepted an increase in our National Insurance to cut down the backlog, you don't do that by hiring consultants and managers on £270,000 a year to sit round thinking about ways to get more inclusive or diversity.

"That is surely the reality."