Remainer Asks Nick To Name ONE Company Investing In Brexit Britain... So He Does

26 February 2019, 07:55

This Remainer challenged Nick Ferrari to name just one company investing in the UK after Brexit - so Nick named two.

Caller Chris named Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan as companies who were moving manufacturing abroad due to the instability in the country.

He told Nick: "Can someone name me a single manufacturing plant that will be set up as a result of Brexit?

"All I can see is Jaguar Land Rover sending jobs abroad, Nissan deciding not to build cars here.

"Can you name me a single company which has invested in this country because of Brexit?"

But Nick managed it with ease: "JCB have increased their plant.

"The Toyota Corolla, the biggest-selling car in the world, will be built in Derbyshire."

Nick Ferrari had the perfect answer for this caller
Nick Ferrari had the perfect answer for this caller. Picture: LBC

There was then a long pause before Chris finally let out a nervous laugh.

Nick ended it by saying: "There's no point laughing Chris, it's a fact, my friend."

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