This Row Over Anti-Semitism In The Labour Party Got VERY Heated

28 March 2018, 10:20

Two university lecturers had a blazing row live on LBC over whether the Labour Party has a problem with anti-Semitism.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of being a "figurehead" for anti-Semites by his own MPs as the row over problems in the Labour Party escalated.

Professor Jonathan Rosenhead insisted that Jeremy Corbyn's only crime was a failure to look closely enough at a small picture of a mural and claimed he has a spotless record of protesting against racism.

But David Hirsh responded that the Labour Party has a problem with cultural and institutional racism against Jewish people.

Nick Ferrari had both men on his show and the conversation got extremely heated.

Nick Ferrari with Professor Jonathan Rosenhead
Nick Ferrari with Professor Jonathan Rosenhead. Picture: LBC

Professor Rosenhead commented: "A sort of moral panic has developed that we've been overrun by anti-Semitism. It's not true."

When Nick queried whether he accepted there was a problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, he responded: "Oh of course, there's a problem everywhere.

"But I suspect it's more on the right than the left.

"Mr Corbyn is absolutely straight-down-the-line anti-racist of all kinds. The only thing they have found that they can try and pin on him is a failure to look closely enough at a very small image on a phone or computer screen which was very hard to see had anti-Semitic images on it."

But Mr Hirsh hit back: "Jonathan has talked about anti-Semitism like it's simply bad apples. They'll find a morally questionable person here and there.

"But we should be talking about the history of anti-Semitism on the left and way it has become mainstream in the last few years, coinciding with the Jeremy Corbyn faction.

"There is a question of cultural racism and institutional racism. This is a political issue which is ruining my party at the moment."

Things escalated quickly as Professor Rosenhead hit back. Watch the full clip at the top of the page.