'Prosecuting somebody for being proud to be British? It's all bonkers!'

18 March 2021, 09:20

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

After a university row over the term 'Rule Britannia', one LBC guest branded it 'bonkers' someone could get in trouble for being proud to be British.

With the news a student has been banned from a university union for saying “Rule, Britannia” during a debate, Nick Ferrari tackled the issue of free speech.

Political Commentator Calvin Robinson said essentially Aberdeen University student Elizabeth Heverin had been "cancelled."

He told LBC the wording of the censure from the Aberdeen University Students’ Association claimed Ms Heverin used "discriminatorily or racist language."

The 19-year-old student had used the term “Rule, Britannia” during a virtual event where students were discussing a ban on the Armed Forces recruiting students of visiting buildings and events owned by the union.

Officials banned her from all students’ union buildings, debates and services for two weeks.

Mr Robinson branded it "bonkers" and questioned why the military should not be allowed to recruit there.

"For the British Army not to be allowed to recruit in a British university, and prosecuting somebody for being proud to be British, it's all bonkers."

He urged the public to "support free speech at all costs."

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