Shakespeare Would Have Been A Remainer, Professor Tells Nick Ferrari

22 October 2019, 10:52

William Shakespeare would have backed Remain, according to a leading professor.

René Weis, a Professor of English at UCL, said that his writings showed that he would not have been a fan of Brexit.

After Nick quipped that the famous line 'To be or not to be' could have been written about Brexit, the professor stated: "I think Shakespeare would have been a Remainer.

Nick Ferrari was left in hysterics by the professor
Nick Ferrari was left in hysterics by the professor. Picture: LBC

"The only bit of Shakespeare that we have in his own handwriting is Sir Thomas More.

"It is about Londoners turning on the foreign Apprentices and Shakespeare's Sir Thomas More comes out and reminds us of the time that we were all strangers in somebody else's land.

"It fits very well with Shakespeare's takes - open-minded."