"I've been stopped 67 times by police", BAME caller tells Nick Ferrari

10 August 2020, 11:49

By Adrian Sherling

This caller told Nick Ferrari that he was stopped 67 times by police while living in London.

Labour MP Dawn Butler said we need to weed out 'institutional racism' in the police after a car she was in was stopped in east London. The member for Brent Central's accused the Metropolitan police of racial profiling.

Scotland Yard says the registration of the car had been incorrectly entered into a police computer and no searches were carried out.

But Jag called in to reveal just how much he has to put up with from the police when he is out driving - being stopped because of the smell of his aftershave.

Nick Ferrari heard from a man who had been stopped by police 67 times
Nick Ferrari heard from a man who had been stopped by police 67 times. Picture: LBC / PA

He said: "I've been stopped 67 times when living in London.

"I've never done drugs, never done alcohol due to religion.

"I've had the car stripped apart, I've had the windows come down, I've had the seats taken out, dogs checking the car.

"Obviously, they don't find anything. Then the police mention that I had a bit of smell. That smell was aftershave.

"Was the reason because the car was nice? Did you stop me because of the colour of the skin?"

He also revealed that the police didn't even put the car back together once they've taken it apart.

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