Tearful Nigerian Woman Says Cherie Blair Is RIGHT On Claim On African Women

27 March 2019, 10:25

Cherie Blair has come under fire for saying the first sexual experience for most African women is rape, but this caller from Nigeria insists she is correct.

Speaking at a secondary school in London, Ms Blair said "most African ladies’ first sexual experience is rape”.

But 'Marie' called Nick Ferrari to say she has first-hand experience of this as she told of being raped by four or five family members in Nigeria.

Her voice cracking with emotion, Marie said: "That statement is true. A lot of these girls in Africa are victims. The first time, I must have been about 10.

"This is not just one person. My dad, cousins were involved, uncles were involved in separate occasions.

"This goes on a lot and people just lie about it. They hide it because of the stigma.

"I know it's something that happens a lot in Nigeria and I know they keep it as a secret within the family.

"It is going on and anybody saying it's not going on is a liar."

Nick Ferrari heard from a Nigerian woman backing up Cherie Blair's comments
Nick Ferrari heard from a Nigerian woman backing up Cherie Blair's comments. Picture: PA / LBC

After her comments caused controversy, Ms Blair released a statement saying: "It was not my intent to offend or undermine anyone with my comments, and I would welcome more recent stats that showed these findings are outdated.

"But the sad truth is that too many young African girls continue to experience sexual assault, become pregnant and in consequence fall out of education. I believe it’s important to shed light on this, as the role of education is crucial to empower girls and the importance of investing in young people cannot be overstated."