"The £45m Calais Deal Is Bad For Britain, But Theresa May Fell For It"

18 January 2018, 07:36

LBC's France Correspondent has told Nick Ferrari that Theresa May's deal to pay an extra £45million to deal with the migrants in Calais is bad for Britain.

Britain has agreed to fund an extra £45million to improve border controls at Calais and other French ports.

Peter Allen said French President Emmanuel Macron is very good at packaging up a poor deal in very friendly terms - and the Prime Minister has fallen for it.

Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron
Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron. Picture: PA

He said: "Mr Macron might want to make sure that cooperation remains as strong as ever and that Britain pulls its weight as far paying for what many would describe as French problems - illegal immigrants building up in northern France.

"Mr Macron has been extremely canny in a typical Emmanuel Macron way.

"He's somebody who can present extremely bad deals for his opponents in a very friendly, kind, gentle manner.

"This deal, which doesn't really suit Britain massively, has been presented in a very relaxed, friendly manner and it looks like Theresa May has bought it."